Coffee Rituals

The ritual of making coffee is both meditative and exciting. It is processional, each step with a specific reason, no extras, and no shortcuts, from grinding the beans to the hypnotic circling of the water into the dripper, the smell, the bloom, and the anticipation of brewed elixir. I would conduct similar steps when I would hand brew my espresso out of the NanoPress, laborious but worthwhile.

When I moved to Roatan in September of 2019, I had developed my process for pour-over with my Chemex and fancy pour-over kettle, but as I downsized and needed to simplify without giving up my caffeine obsession. And herein lies how I came to create my travel coffee kit.

Coffee Kit

My kit contains the following, housed entirely in a shoebag.

Hario Hand Grinder
Glacier Coffee Travel Pour-Over Kettle
Hario V60
Nespresso Frother
Nanopress Travel Espresso Maker
Coffee Sock Reusable Filter
Hario Paper Filters
Enamel Mugs from Best Made – great for camping, but also travelling
Everything Japanese Cloth from Best Made – if you spill or need something to protect from heat.

Coffee Process

I must admit that I am an ‘eye-baller’ for how much coffee to use for pour-over. Don’t shoot me, I know there is a level of precision that I will never achieve (at least until I get a scale), but it works for me. There are travel scales I have seen that I think will be an excellent addition to the kit. The flat white, on the other hand, was much easier to manage. The Nano Press makes superb espresso, and the Nespresso is one of the best I’ve used, especially for alternative milk.

Ultimately, this kit allowed me to create all my favourite versions of coffee I love (and need) in my life, from a fresh pour-over to a flat white in the morning and mid-day. For those who love travelling and ensuring you have your morning brew, this is a great way to do it, especially if you are going to a more remote location. Of course, I still go out for coffees and use coffee shops as a great way to get local recommendations, but this is for those moments by yourself where you want to enjoy a cop of fresh brew while listening to the birds sing, while you swing in your hammock.


Honduran coffee is fantastic! If you get a chance to buy Honduran beans, I highly recommend them. Also, if you’re looking for coffee-brewing supplies, I am a big fan of Kurasu. My wishlist item is the Origami dripper.

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