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  • I Miss Post: For the Love of Postcards

    I Miss Post: For the Love of Postcards

    Postcards. A timeless souvenir, with so little you can do so much. You can find them worldwide, a tangible memory of a trip, a memento to remind your friends and loved ones that you’re thinking of them.

  • Festive cinema – 25 Christmas Films

    Festive cinema – 25 Christmas Films

    As we move into the final month of 2020, it also happens to be the year’s festive end, if 2020 was a typical year. 2020 has thrown us some major curveballs, but now that it’s officialy December 1st, so it’s jingle all the way. I suppose the silver lining in all of this is that…

  • The Wandering and Food Obessed Team of Salt Design Co.

    The Wandering and Food Obessed Team of Salt Design Co.

    I had the opportunity, earlier this year, to interview Daphne and Lucy from Salt Design Co. based in Vancouver, BC. The conversation delves into the processes of starting a business, being female entrepreneurs, travel, and of course, all their favourite things to do in Vancouver. I chose to write about these incredibly talented, witty, fun,…

  • Woven with love from Oaxaca

    Woven with love from Oaxaca

    The first time I encountered the woven bags from Hecho & Co., I was struck by the beauty of the weaving, the crispness of the texture, the fine-detailing of the designs, and the stunning aesthetic. These bags are made in a small town in the state of Oaxaca, by a family of master weavers. The…

  • Hunter and Hare: Consignment with Heart

    Hunter and Hare: Consignment with Heart

    Introduction Hunter & Hare (HH) is one of my favourite shops in Vancouver, Canada. Since its inception five years ago, I have not only found a way to give textiles a second life, I’ve made near and dear friends, elevated my wardrobe, all while helping to support a local business. I was lucky enough to…

  • Adventures in East L.A.

    Adventures in East L.A.

    Los Angeles (L.A.) is an epicentre of cool. The L.A. vibe is reflected in culture, fashion, politics, sports, and lifestyle. It’s exerting itself as an influential hub for art, culture, food, and design next to heavy-weights like New York, Tokyo, Paris, and London. However, the urban sprawl leaves something to be desired, which is arduous…