Mexico City – Museums

You could spend your entire time in Mexico City just focused on museums, galleries, and cultural institutions. There is an incredible offering for a variety of tastes. I’ll be highlighting the ones that I went to as well as the ones I wanted to go to but didn’t have the time. It’s worth noting that the museums in Polanco are surrounded by Chapultepec Park, which … Continue reading Mexico City – Museums

Neighbourhood: Centro Histórico, Mexico City

The Centro Histórico in Mexico City is a lively and dense neighbourhood, bustling with street vendors selling all manner of things. It has a mix of museums, parks, cultural centers, restaurants, and major shopping districts. It is also the site of the Zocalo, the major plaza in front of the government building. There is a historical charm to this neighbourhood that drew me in; I … Continue reading Neighbourhood: Centro Histórico, Mexico City