Rotterdam: A thriving and innovative city you need to check out

Introduction Rotterdam is a city that was reborn after the second world war. After much of it was destroyed during the war, it regained its position as a port hub and reimagined itself as a modern city, built into the leftovers of old Rotterdam. Some of the country’s most iconic contemporary buildings, such as the Cube Houses and the Central Library, are in Rotterdam. Popular … Continue reading Rotterdam: A thriving and innovative city you need to check out

Coffee Rituals

The ritual of making coffee is both meditative and exciting. It is processional, each step with a specific reason, no extras, and no shortcuts, from grinding the beans to the hypnotic circling of the water into the dripper, the smell, the bloom, and the anticipation of brewed elixir. I would conduct similar steps when I would hand brew my espresso out of the NanoPress, laborious … Continue reading Coffee Rituals

Taipei – A Cultural & Culinary Adventure

The city is bustling, dense, and cultured. A beautiful blend of old and new as the city modernizes its cosmopolitan roots. Despite the concrete jungle that is a compact city of 2.6 million people, the side street culture is mesmerizing; different areas will yield concentrations of different foods, shops, bars, and markets. While green space offers respite from the city and the thick humidity that … Continue reading Taipei – A Cultural & Culinary Adventure

Mexico City – Beautiful Chaos

Mexico City is bursting at the seams. There is an energy in the city, a groundswell of change happening, re-shaping the city through restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and art. These shifts are placing Mexico in the spotlight on the world stage, showcasing a heightened degree of pride and ownership in its culture as it is reimagined in a contemporary setting. The coffee culture has exploded looking … Continue reading Mexico City – Beautiful Chaos

Neighbourhood: Coyocán, Mexico City

Coyoacán takes you back to another time when the skyline was low, the houses big, and the streets intimate and lively. It has a colonial aesthetic that is charming and inviting. The roads are small and packed with shops, restaurants, and bars. The parks are grand and welcoming, sharing the space with vendors, families, friends, strangers, and lovers. It is well-known because of Frida Kahlo’s … Continue reading Neighbourhood: Coyocán, Mexico City