Jiufen – A Mesmerizing Mountain Labyrinth

A town set high up in the mountains, in the northeast of Taiwan, Jiufen has a folkloric reputation. The winding road up provides incredible viewpoints of the surrounding lush tropical forests, with temples and houses nestled deep within them, with only the tops of their roofs poking through the canopy. If you’re lucky, you can see down to the ocean below. A breath-taking view of … Continue reading Jiufen – A Mesmerizing Mountain Labyrinth

Taipei – A Cultural & Culinary Adventure

The city is bustling, dense, and cultured. A beautiful blend of old and new as the city modernizes its cosmopolitan roots. Despite the concrete jungle that is a compact city of 2.6 million people, the side street culture is mesmerizing; different areas will yield concentrations of different foods, shops, bars, and markets. While green space offers respite from the city and the thick humidity that … Continue reading Taipei – A Cultural & Culinary Adventure

Taichung – Street Food Heaven

City Overview The second-largest city in Taiwan, Taichung is spacious despite being a growing metropolitan center, with ample green space and walking paths throughout the downtown core. Although considered a slower pace to Taipei by locals, it felt both fast-paced and sleepy at the same time, with many of the same offerings as its bustling and dense neighbour Taipei. If you are driving to the … Continue reading Taichung – Street Food Heaven