Coffee Rituals

The ritual of making coffee is both meditative and exciting. It is processional, each step with a specific reason, no extras, and no shortcuts, from grinding the beans to the hypnotic circling of the water into the dripper, the smell, the bloom, and the anticipation of brewed elixir. I would conduct similar steps when I would hand brew my espresso out of the NanoPress, laborious … Continue reading Coffee Rituals

5 Card Games I Learned in Quarantine

Island Quarantine From March 16th to July 16th, I had been in lockdown on a small Caribbean island, Roatรกn, in Honduras. I originally went to work remotely, complete my divemaster program, and learn to lead a slower lifestyle on an island. After a few months, I intended to leave the island; however, all of that changed with COVID19. Although I attempted to go when things … Continue reading 5 Card Games I Learned in Quarantine